About Me

Hi there, it is Hristo from Israel, here in beautiful Costa Rica.

I love to travel around the world and I have visited already many different countries.

I recently quit my job and now I run my own online business with my laptop.

I don’t have a boss anymore. I only work few hours per week when I’m not exploring some distant exotic country.

But you should know that now my life is very different than what it looked like just few years ago.

I always did what I was supposed to do.

I listened to my parents, my teachers, my commanders in the army and my bosses

I studied hard, I got good grades, I went to college, graduated as an engineer and got a well-paid job.

But the truth was, I didn’t want any of this. I just wanted to travel the world.

Of course, my biggest problem was I had a job where I had to trade my life for money.

I was not making enough to live the lifestyle that I wanted and even worse: I was not free to do what I wanted when I wanted.

I was too afraid to leave the comfort of my job and start a business of my own.

What if I wasn’t good enough?

What if I lose money?

What if I disappoint my family and my friends?


So I decided to play it safe. I decided to stay at my job and enroll to night school to get my MBA.

For 3 years I had to do extra hours at work so I can cover the absence because I was studying at the nights and at the weekends.

And the most depressing thing at the end of all this study was that this MBA degree only prepared me to go up the corporate ladder. It only taught me how to become a better manager but not how to start my own business or how to become financially free.

At the same time I started learning stock trading and forex. but I just lost thousands of dollars in addition to the lost time.

Also I realized that I didn’t have enough capital to make investment, so I had to create an additional income.

So I joined a multi-level marketing system but I really hated to sell to my friends and family, and not only that, I was really very dependent on the performance of my team members.


At this point I felt so depressed and it felt that there was no more hope.

I realized that during the last 5 years I spent so much time trying to learn so many different things without any focus.

Luckily when everything looked so dark and hopeless, a good friend of mine, Chris, a successful investor and business owner told me:

“You should follow a proven business model and have a coach who already did it, to guide you and help you”.

He told me that franchising can be a great opportunity because it’s a proven business model.

But I didn’t have that money and I was not willing to spend again so much time.

But what really got my attention was what he said:


“You should follow a proven business model
have a coach who already did it
to guide you and help you”

So I started to look for answers on the internet.

What if there was a way to join an already profitable business model that was operated online, one that will give me the time and location freedom that I wanted.

At that point, I stumbled upon a unique, one of a kind online marketing system.

This system is an online educational system that offers different courses and events for business owners.

They provide training for people like you and me who want to start their own online business.

The difference from other companies is that this system offers a very simple 21 steps program and also offers a private coach to help you and guide you while learning.


This got me very excited! I knew this was exactly what I was looking for!

I was able to finish all the 21 steps, and I did all the tasks that my coach gave me.

I applied what I learned and started building my own online business immediately.

And the results – came fast.

What was most amazing after creating my own business is that I became a happier person.

All the people in my life now tell me that I’m much more happier and energetic and they just enjoy being around me.


And most important, I realized that it was not only freedom that I wanted

I wanted to help other people.

To help other people overcome their fears and their limiting beliefs like the ones that I had before.

I realized that true happiness comes from helping others and contributing, not by being obsessed only about me.

And now my goal is to help and serve people who are like me when I started this journey. I want to inspire you and to show you that there is a hope and that you can live the life that you dream of!

If you feel that you are ready to make a change and start living the life that you truly want, go on and take action, right now.

And again, my name is Hristo, I’m here in Costa Rica and I wish you all the success that you need.

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